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iPhone 5 C

Your iPhone will be up and running like it used to when you just bought it, with our servicing.

This Service is to replace the digitizer and LCD on your iPhone 5 C. This is NOT a glass replacement, it is a full LCD replacement (Why would you ever want someone to use liquid glue inside your phone!?!?).

Although we try to get your iPhone back out in less than one day, sometimes it may take more than one day depending on volume and if any additional repairs need to be done. Rest assured we will do the job right, not just change the screen and send it right out.

What we offer will ensure: Your Totally Cost Will Be: $55

The iPhone starts functioning like new: Tech experts speed up your iPhone by dents on body.

Proper and faster service: System tweaks will reduce your iphone’s start-up and shutdown time the applications will run better.

Optimized Performance: This is a PREMIUM service. Unlike other services we use OEM quallity replacement parts. We stand behind our parts and service for one full year.

Updated Software: Outdated/corrupted applications can slow down your computer. Let our technicians download the latest versions and update them for optimum performance.

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